Once love is lost it can only be found;
But if you only choose to focus on what you had, you will lose the profound.

Build yourself, create hope and dare to be free,
For no-one has had the best of you – it’s a shame if you a disagree.

The fortress you’ve created was built to preserve what’s inside;
But instead you’ve given yourself reason to run and hide.

Will you choose to leave this world without so much as a trace?
Do you honestly believe that defending your heart will fill you with grace?

You feel the waves of emotion crashing at your feet;
And still you choose to cower and embrace your last defeat.

Call it out for what it is,
Deep down you know, you are your own nemesis.

You will only ever see yourself in your reflection;
To look in the mirror and not recognise yourself, is to experience souls rejection.

Each an every one of us have done something that we are not proud of.

When we make a mistake we ask for grace, when someone else makes a mistake we seek justice. This is not just.
Let us be strong enough to wear the wrongs of others with the same grace we seek on our own trespasses.

We are not required to cast judgement.

Neale Donald Walsch once wrote:
You are in the room to heal the room, you are in the space to heal the space, there is no other reason for you to be there.

Be conscious as to why you are here.

Sending you strength, love and gratitude Jollyoddbods.


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