Narcissists Hallelujah

Blame it all on me;
For it is you that they will never believe.

You’re a narcissist in the thickening darkness.

A darkness in which each hallelujah turns to certain failure.

You may never look back and see me thrive;
Just as I don’t care enough to turn back and watch your soul die.

Conceptually your heart was slain long before you met me.
Perhaps I heard the final breath of your dying souls plea.

The worlds your victim, they just don’t know it yet.
Letting you in is costly, a mistake they will never forget.

The narcissist will prey,
Whilst the rest of us pray.

That is the Narcissists Hallelujah.

Jollyoddbods, there will be those out there who find games in the souls of others. You will meet them and heaven forbid in someones eyes perhaps we are that person.

Do not judge for fear, for fear creates burnout.

Anger is a secondary emotion to what our triggers, what is beneath your anger?
And for those who run from anger, don’t.

Anger creates change.
Our mistake is trying to guide the change based on our own vision.

You are capable of change. Always.

Love to you all.


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