Screams Within Silence

You hold back your personality;
you await for that perfect moment to show them the real you.

You hide your smile and silence your song only to disempower yourself,
so that others may hide too.

Desire burns your throat as you hold yourself back because you are not enough;
This simple lie has manifested into your complicated truth.

And once you decided you ‘know yourself’,
you created a lifetime of proof.

You make your choices to fail and to flee;
voiding any real opportunity.

Will you choose serve your fear
or will you choose to be free?

In this moment take a deep breath and hold it,
go over your words again and again,
but do not dare to speak.

The fear of your own words has created a cage for your mind;
making your future bleak.

Hold your words, bite your tongue, for what you say won’t matter.
Not until your world labels you as holding value and substance.

Your need for perfection has created the perfect storm,
pushing you deep into chaos and turbulence.

And if you think for one moment that your silence is one with deliverance,
Think again, for there are screams within silence.

Jollyoddbods, each time you hold back from speaking your truth you give away your right to feel, to have an opinion, to create space for your boundaries for yourself in that moment.

As with everything, the dose creates the poison. Beware of the silence you hold without an intention, for it may damage more than you can imagine.

Be true to who you are and do not apologise, for those who know your heart will remain in your corner.

Warmth to you beautiful souls feeling their way through life with integrity and intention.


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