Years Farewell

Another year passes by the eyes of the exhausted, whilst another reflection passes through the mind of the wise.

Hope that nothing will take the memories from the living and pray that nothing will take the moments from this life.

Seek opportunities and the power to not only see such openings as miracles but as the beginning of a new reality.

May harsh past learnings calcify under times distance and may times distance allow lessons of wisdom to integrate within integrity.

This is not the time to count your losses.
Rather, a time to make your losses count.

As restful eyes close on a year of limited occurrence,
the eyes of the awakened open to a lifetime of experience throughout.

Jollyoddbods, to make your time on Earth count you must decide what will you add and what you will subtract.

To be accountable you must realise the conclusion is one you create. And so, decide how you react. (Ohh, I feel another poem in the making)….

Take the time to pause and consider the data before moving forward with the next calculation. Yet, be careful to remember we are here to experience so there will be times we must close the book and ride our own motivation.

This year do not chase the answer you seek for that only leads to dead-ended frustration. May your findings show that you are not the result, you are the equation.

Love always,


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