Venture Within

The dimensions of ones soul will forever be more expansive than an endless blackhole.
Yet, as divisions begin to unfold it is our minds that seem to lose all control.

Overload descends when too many buttons are pushed;
Forced under pressure by a cascade of immeasurable ambush.

The profound is often born after an experience with the unfathomable.
Brought on by a surge of emergence as ones space becomes inhabitable.

Lifes force can often be relentless,
and without resources each hardship seems endless.

Regrets pressure seems boundless and its consequences immense,
As the infinite nature of ceaseless events deter and prevent our ability to pause and make sense.

Our innermost truths are rarely found in our kin,
To access the great expansion you must venture within,

Find solace in not where you are, but who you are.

Jollyoddbods, two words… SELF CARE!

Our day-to-day can get so incredibly bound up with schedules and shoulds that we forget to come back to the most important thing to our survival – ourselves.

I will not stand upon my soap box and tell you to take it easy. No.
That suggests that there is a right and a wrong way to care for yourself – and who am I to tell you?

Instead, I believe self-care occurs when we commit to finding the feelings that drive us as individuals.

Often people tell me things like: you do too much or slow down.
I understand – heck, I tell people the same…….. But as I reflect on this approach it doesn’t empower.

Taking things slowly and resting is absolutely necessary to a healthy mind, body and spirit but so is the ability to hunker down, put in the work and enable the beast within.

Become familiar with the feeling you get when you inspire yourself and you will be hooked!

If you are not familiar with the feeling look in the mirror, find that thing about you that makes you say XXXX yeah! That is your starting point.

From there search for that feeling in other places, notice it after you gives someone a ride from one side of the state to the other because they had no option or when you spend an afternoon cooking with your little one only to give it to a stranger.

With time the need to shout your greatness may disintegrate and you will be left with humility beyond your imagining.

Power and strength are both found when we do not seek approval from the world around us; because real power and strength appear when we approve of ourselves.

Find the feeling and keep up the great work!


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