3. Empowerment within the scars of change

As children we see our bodies with curiousity and wonder; at some point this changes and we start to see the world through societies scope. We become obsessed with others. Obsessed with what they can do, what they look like, what they have or haven’t got. Our energy is spent comparing. Our energy is spentContinue reading “3. Empowerment within the scars of change”

2. Smiling and feeling joy on a foundation of quicksand

The truth that had I spent most my life running from is: Life is not meant to have a solid foundation.Never will we wake from sleep and know what to expect from the day to come. We may think we know what our experience will be that day; it may occur, but, it may not.Continue reading “2. Smiling and feeling joy on a foundation of quicksand”