Poetic licence

“Poetry is the heroine of the soul; she fights the worlds injustice with grace, strength and vision.”

With grace and love, shine within these pages. Inspiration is already within you, your job is to find it.

Some breathe air to survive, others find their oxygen in the places they thrive. Poetry is my oxygen, may my breath give you new life.

May you find beauty within life and all of its imperfections; may these imperfections give you the permission to be perfect exactly as you are.

Perfections Misconception

Difference unites and divides within the space of a breath, Without compassion we rise but limit our depth. Be kind to difference and be understanding of others; For all we have is one-another so learn to love my sisters and brothers. Be brave enough to shatter your own version of perfection, or face a lifeContinue reading “Perfections Misconception”

Obeying Graces Shadow

You are stronger than you know, sometimes our resilience is disguised within our weakness. JX For more content, subscribe:


Get in the arena but do not follow the orders of the crowd – they may wish you favor but they cannot understand what you need in order to survive! Train with the gladiators and learn from the veterans because once your foot graces the floor of that arena you are on your own. IContinue reading “Preacher?”

Without Care

Never base your worth off another person’s arrogance. You may not be experienced, you may not know it all, but if you choose to listen to them it is a fail not a fall. Stumble, hurt, feel your way by making mistakes and allowing yourself the grace of compassion. You will find each moment holdsContinue reading “Without Care”

The Underground Story

Be fearless and always be the underdog. Comfort will tell you, you need not go further; but it is you that must decide where your heart resides. Push forward, there’s another level for you – you just have to believe it is there! JX

Twisted And Hurled?

Control what you can, control yourself. You are capable of more than you know – make a commitment to yourself and you’ll always grow. Lifes triggers allow for us to show up in a different way – a way that reflects who we are in this current moment. Do not be hard on yourself, acceptContinue reading “Twisted And Hurled?”

F*** You Cancer

Hearing the words you have cancer is one of the most surreal moments one may experience. There is nothing more terrifying of the unknown and its vices. One thing I’ve come to know as truth, the outcome will never speak to the strength of the fighter. For those reading this and experiencing cancer using everyContinue reading “F*** You Cancer”

And So, The Adventure Begins…

Congratulations K & L!! Todays the day to celebrate the life you have created together with integrity, trust, consideration and unconditional love. May you both continue to grow yourselves and each other. Love you both. JX

Loves (Per)versions

Jollyoddbods, there is a difference between loving a person and being in-love. I wish that I had more to say on the topic, but all I know is it is near impossible to be in-love with a person who treats you badly. You might choose to stay in the situation because you love them (orContinue reading “Loves (Per)versions”

Souls Ambition

May you come to realise that you are your craft; and may your take your time to master it. Your world will change with every choice you make;You need not venture out to change the worlds of others because it is the way we create our own world that inspires change. Jollyoddbods, be the bestContinue reading “Souls Ambition”

Frozen Queen

Each one of us holds a darkness somewhere deep within our heart. Do not waste your energy and debate whether it is there. It is there. We merely decide the contrast. Does one show strength by proving themselves? OrDoes one become strong and be themselves? Jollyoddbods, the choice is yours, will you add more lightContinue reading “Frozen Queen”

A Reason Not To Change

Would you bow down and grovel at the feet of a person that chose to kick you? Decide how you want others to treat you and then teach them. My beautiful sister sent me this quote last week:“When you’re not used to being confident, confidence feels like arrogance. When you’re not used to getting yourContinue reading “A Reason Not To Change”

I’m Sorry

As we grow in wisdom we come to learn that our choices reflect our world views. Indeed a person will show you who they are within the first 10 minutes of meeting them and we as individuals respond based on our current view of the world and ourselves. Take a minute to reflect on that.Continue reading “I’m Sorry”

Pray To Scream

Jollyoddbods, rise to the callings that empower and do not hide from them. That feeling you get when your in the gym and ‘that song’ comes on, you know the one that makes you feel like taking down the next opponent with a one punch knockout.. or run the treadmill forever – or, at leastContinue reading “Pray To Scream”

Venture Within

The dimensions of ones soul will forever be more expansive than an endless blackhole. Yet, as divisions begin to unfold it is our minds that seem to lose all control. Overload descends when too many buttons are pushed;Forced under pressure by a cascade of immeasurable ambush. The profound is often born after an experience withContinue reading “Venture Within”

Dodge the bullet

——————————————————————————————————-Please note: Although the content below is purely hypothetical it may cause distress. Discretion is advised. If you find yourself triggered please seek support. ——————————————————————————————————- The guns have been loaded and the children put to bed,Wounds of a decade are soon the bleed but the tears have already been shed. You now hold my wristsContinue reading “Dodge the bullet”

The Fighter Within

Raise your fists and do not drop them.Release your thoughts or be the problem. You’ve trained for this moment since the day you opened your eyes.Of course you didn’t know it then, but now you see lifes prize. For, each hit to the chin that you take, Creates a thirst that only blood can forsake.Continue reading “The Fighter Within”

I Am Her.

At night I would cry because I believed in the boogyman;Alone I would scream because I stopped believing in you. The fight was not lost, you surrendered,and so my resentment grew. You taught me how to haunt myself until the shadows of my own mind became the only thing that didn’t scare me. Mourning theContinue reading “I Am Her.”

Cheap Fuel

Our feelings are automatic, although, they do not simply change gear.Yet, when we deny our feelings we surrender our right to steer. Constantly checking the mirrors and taking our eyes off the road,Is to travel backwards in a reckless and dangerous mode. A well-oiled machine is as valuable as the wheels in which it leans,Continue reading “Cheap Fuel”


Follow the path until it betrays,Lose the trail and find yourself inside this lonely maze. Your thirst heightens and your madness peaks,you’ve barely reached the summit but reality speaks. The choices before you are grim but they mean survival,Will you turn back the way you’ve come or preach denial? Every moment amplified by the sunsContinue reading “BEtrail”

Lifes Equation

Lifes equation is an accumulation of sequence, patterns and cycles. To thrive within lifes formula one must connect to their own principles. How many times will you go into yourself to avoid your own division?Explore your vigour and secure your own provision. This life you own will add in subtractionsAnd there will be people whoContinue reading “Lifes Equation”

Years Farewell

Another year passes by the eyes of the exhausted, whilst another reflection passes through the mind of the wise. Hope that nothing will take the memories from the living and pray that nothing will take the moments from this life. Seek opportunities and the power to not only see such openings as miracles but asContinue reading “Years Farewell”

Salty Heart

I tested the waters and crossed the depths, to discover a world that cannot be kept. Over the waters and beyond the seas, lies a buried treasure that would bring me to my knees. Unable to see the litter that cluttered once pristine shores,I believed in the sun that shone through your pores. The seagullsContinue reading “Salty Heart”

Screams Within Silence

You hold back your personality; you await for that perfect moment to show them the real you. You hide your smile and silence your song only to disempower yourself, so that others may hide too. Desire burns your throat as you hold yourself back because you are not enough; This simple lie has manifested intoContinue reading “Screams Within Silence”

The Breath Of Life

In the midst of your darkness pray the you are enough.Do not fear life and follow the path so rough. Create the light your soul craves and yet you’ll still see darkness;And as you take in the darkened breath, hope to see the blessing and exhale the duress. Open your eyes, for each day youContinue reading “The Breath Of Life”

Angels Be Free

The world feels colder on this day,a world in which 6 angels no longer play, Today the sun shines but the world seems darker,for an unimaginable grief has been created for us to conquer. Sense cannot be found in the midst of tragedy,Many search for meaning and others lay blame – yet all hearts loseContinue reading “Angels Be Free”

Narcissists Hallelujah

Blame it all on me;For it is you that they will never believe. You’re a narcissist in the thickening darkness. A darkness in which each hallelujah turns to certain failure. You may never look back and see me thrive;Just as I don’t care enough to turn back and watch your soul die. Conceptually your heartContinue reading “Narcissists Hallelujah”


It feels as though I am experiencing every emotion, yet feeling none.Every ounce of hope I had, has left me feeling numb. I’ve spent my life completing a sentence that I am told to withstand.The storm that wells inside of me, I am trying my best to understand. The moments in darkness in which IContinue reading “Sedation”

The Darkness We Create

Kindness is often lost in a world of deprivation and despair; Warped and misplaced in the minds of the broken, whilst their numbing reality continues to tear. We have created a world in which games are necessary to survive;We have created a world in which the broken with power thrive. The difference between cynics andContinue reading “The Darkness We Create”


Once love is lost it can only be found;But if you only choose to focus on what you had, you will lose the profound. Build yourself, create hope and dare to be free,For no-one has had the best of you – it’s a shame if you a disagree. The fortress you’ve created was built toContinue reading “Nemesis”

Choose love, choose pain.

Love is the only this that can break a heart,For love exposes the soul like masterful abstract art. A heart without love has already been broken,With some hearts making the decision to overdose and never be awoken. Cycles and cynics create that of the same,For some choose only to reside in the midst of theirContinue reading “Choose love, choose pain.”

Objectify yourself

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that you would beIf you were an object, what would others see? Depth is found in every shallow and every thing has meaning, Get creative with your thoughts but do not be demeaning. If I were an object, I would be a simple bar of soap;Continue reading “Objectify yourself”

Freedoms Torment

Spirit was never made to be broken; Embrace the challenge to seek the healing in order to be awoken. Ego has certainly taught you well, It has shown you pride for its purpose, yet it is us who create our own version of hell. Screams bellow from an underworld created by demons of the mind,Continue reading “Freedoms Torment”

Internal View

Some say that the stairway to heaven is paved in gold, Others believe beyond heavens gates you will find treasures untold. I believe heaven is the world in which we live, We’ve limitless chances opportunities to thrive. Imagine if only for a moment that you are all that is, all that was and all thatContinue reading “Internal View”

Change the game

Look beyond the world that you choose to see,Be a better person than they wish for you to be. The world will tell will tell you what you needto support their own version based on greed. Choose to open your eyes and to be fooled by no one,or just keep them closed to lose faithContinue reading “Change the game”

10 minutes

10 minutes and you will show me who you really are; yet, I can choose to ignore the clues and willingly lower the bar. Time is of the essence and there is no time for games. One is a liar when they preach respect and call those without use names. If space is only createdContinue reading “10 minutes”

From the inside

Give a little light to your brother;Give a little love to your mother. The time has come for you to lower your defenses;Crush and crumble each memory that tenses. Let go of the trauma of home,because deep down you are better off alone. Let go of the haunts of pressure, the past can no longerContinue reading “From the inside”

Provisional Love

Lost is the moment when I said that I cared.Gone are the times I could say I’ll be there. Your heart is forsaken and your soul is in exile;There’s a pathetic look on your face that screams of pure denial. I briefly created a space for you in my vision.Yet, the truth is this loveContinue reading “Provisional Love”


This was a love turned cold with pride, Hollow stares and angry words formed our disastrous divide. I’m not sure I ever love you but God knows I tried. I got used to defending you against the world whilst you would run and hide. Boy, was I messed up to think that your lips wereContinue reading “Stupefied”


Open your eyes and you will see,without your mind you will never be free. Further down the rabbit hole, step by step we tread.We feed the cycle of belief – whether it hope or dread. The wonder within this land is the magic you create.Rely not on diamonds and hearts – for you will onlyContinue reading “Wonder-less”

You are dumped!

Your budgie smugglers stole my heart, a tidal wave of chemistry set us apart. Boy, I almost drowned in you, every word, every touch I’d surrender to. I dived into your ocean without seeing the swell, it wasn’t long before I realised I was surfing straight to hell. Baby, you’re the storm that eroded myContinue reading “You are dumped!”


Without a loving home they cry to the unknown for forgiveness, their cries for deliverance they are yet to witness. Pleas of mercy have long been forgotten, their crown of thorns is all but rotten. Hope is an illusion seen only by the weak, words of faith they can no longer speak. The soul ofContinue reading “Home”

Beyond grace

Beyond grace there’s a moment that takes the breath from the lips of the faithless. Beyond grace there’s a gesture that defrosts the soul within the frozen heart. Beyond grace there’s a belief that transcends the truth that has created every lie. Beyond grace there’s a life that awaits the soul of the broken andContinue reading “Beyond grace”

Monster of creation.

I will start by saying although I connect to the content within, these words came from an experience beyond my own. Mum, if you are reading this I love you for all that you are. The smile you wear can fool the world but the sickness within it won’t fool me. Long ago the hateContinue reading “Monster of creation.”

Deprivated mind

Leave your thoughts of me behind, for I only exist in your desperate mind. I let you go and set you free, without care I will turn and leave you be. Humanity is lost on me, for I aim to see you deprived, truth has become the path from which I have derived. You cry,Continue reading “Deprivated mind”

The Longest Moment

Eyes close for one final time, thoughts release themselves from the chaos of the wired mind. For the longest moment, you hold peace. For the longest moment, you believe nothing yet understand everything. For the longest moment, you become the story of all you’ve ever known. At the beginning of your longest moment who didContinue reading “The Longest Moment”

The Fight Of Life

I walked through those doors and like the drums of war my heart embraced its beat. I am ready to fight the greatest demon within as I take the steps towards the poison of salvation. As the gracious flow enters my veins so does the fight of life. May the drums of war echo andContinue reading “The Fight Of Life”

9. Cast your shadow

As we walk through life we experience the rawness of duality and what that brings to us. Rarely are we encouraged to embrace the shadow within. Instead, we are encouraged to ‘perform’ for society in a way that ‘satisfies’. Unconsciously, running a race that has no end. Eager to win, to please, we run –Continue reading “9. Cast your shadow”

7. Truth behind beauty

*To protect privacy, patient names have been changed in this story American author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford once wrote ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. I believe this is true. Beauty can only be defined by the one experiencing it’s magnificence.  To me, this quote speaks of external value, how others see us, until theContinue reading “7. Truth behind beauty”

5. Be the fool

Falling from grace holds us in a position of questioning and realisation, if we chose it to be so. The Truth is, we only have now. We are promised nothing other than the present moment we are in, and that is our blessing.  One of the greatest challenges we can experience is allowing ourselves theContinue reading “5. Be the fool”

4. Hair we go

Empowerment is a product of choice. We have a knowing and understanding that we are safe.Every single one of us is entitled to empowerment, choice and safety.Cancer and it’s treatment dictates. We are told what it is we must endure in order to ‘win’ or gain ‘victory’. Choice is power. Choice is freedom. Choice isContinue reading “4. Hair we go”

1. Dance within the light

We wake in the morning and we begin making choices. Some emerge from a place of conscious desire, and others are a commitment to our subconscious. The beauty of this life that we hold dear is: Freewill. We have a voice, we can use this voice to speak words of Joy, Anger, Empowerment, Concern, Justification,Continue reading “1. Dance within the light”

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